This policy applies to all areas of collecting, including but not limited to badges, patches, coins, etc. There are also additional policies listed below pertaining to other issues that have arisen at previous shows.

As the host of the Mideast Regional Police Collectors Show, I have the right and privilege to establish the strictest anti-reproduction policy in the hobby. I believe that collectors shows should be designed to promote friendship and the enjoyment of all aspects of the hobby.  

I understand that there is a business end to every hobby; and without the business aspect, it would be difficult to bring new collectors into the hobby.  However, I also want all of my shows to be a showcase for the hobby and to encourage new collectors to purchase and trade wisely for authentic police memorabilia.  
After 18 years of collecting, I have come to realize that this hobby is a fun and satisfying way for collectors to make friendships across the country and world.  I want for my shows to be used as an opportunity to make new collecting friends, bring old friends together, and to be a destination for new members of the hobby to make connections with established members of the hobby.  It should be pointed out that we as a group are also maintaining the history of World and American Police Memorabilia.   No historical display is worth displaying unless it contains authentic memorabilia.
It is for these reasons that the following anti-reproduction policy exists for this and all future Mideast Regional Police Collectors Shows.  If you disagree with the policy, it is okay and we can agree to disagree.  However, if you disagree with it to the point that you can't or don't want to abide by it, then simply don't attend.  The show will go on without you!

It should be noted that Kentucky law permits the seizure of counterfeit items sold as authentic items under the state intellectual property rights laws.  Don't end up getting your stuff seized and having to deal with criminal charges because you are too stubborn to abide by this policy.

Authentic: Any item that was ordered by the agency listed, and used as a part of a uniform or as a token of remembrance or appreciation for those assigned to that agency, or to those involved in any special group or task force. This also includes items sold as an official fund raiser.

Reproductions: Any item that is an unauthorized copy of an authentic item. This also includes items in which the basic design of an authentic item was copied, but the colors were changed i.e. a subdued reproduction of a color patch.  This also includes patches created from coin artwork and vice versa, etc.  The idea is that the artwork copyright is protected.  This will also include any "overruns" of patches ordered by someone who did not have the authority to do so, particularly if the order was for unauthorized reproductions.

Fantasy: Any item which was made for a specific agency, group, or event; but was not ordered or approved by that agency.

Bullion (Patches Only): Patches which are made of gold or silver springs and are used for presentation purposes on a plaque or blazer. These many times copy the design of other, all-cloth patches. To qualify under this definition, these patches must be made of actual metal and not metallic thread.

1. All reproduction items must be clearly marked as such. Tables which have reproduction items must have them in boxes or bags that are clearly marked "REPRODUCTIONS" in bold letters on all sides. If they are being displayed individually, the tables must have a sign taped on the display surface that states which items are reproductions.

2. All reproductions which are to be displayed alongside authentic items must be individually marked as such, either with a small sticker, sign or with permanent marker directly on the surface of the items. If you don't have time to individually mark the items, then don't display them.

3. If you have several reproductions of one item, then all of them must be marked or placed in a box or bag that is marked as described above.  

4. Signs which say, "Authenticity of these items is unknown", or anything to that effect, will not be sufficient. If you are unsure as to the authenticity of any item there will be plenty of reputable collectors on-hand to advise you. If there is a difference in opinion, then the item may be sold or traded as an authentic item under the discretion of the show host.

5. Due to concerns brought to the host's attention by the local offices of the FBI and TSA, reproduction badges may only be traded and can not be sold.  

6. Bullion patches are easily spotted due to the materials used, and are exclusively collected by many hobbyists. Because of this, they may be sold and traded without restrictions. This is the only exception to the reproduction rule.

7. Fantasy items are permitted and do not have to be marked as such.  

Hopefully, these policies are clear enough to eliminate any problems. The final decision on any dispute will be solely that of the show host, and must be abided by or considered an infraction of this policy. Anyone who refuses to abide by the show policies will be forced to leave. Most of you are knowledgeable enough to know if your stuff is real or not.  

Table holders will only be given one warning if there is a policy infraction. A second infraction will require the table holder to forfeit his/her table(s) and all fees associated with them with no refunds. Anyone asked to leave is banned from the remainder of the show.

Once again (THIS IS IMPORTANT), Kentucky law permits the seizure of counterfeit items sold as authentic items. Don't end up getting your stuff taken and having to deal with criminal charges because you are too stubborn to abide by this policy.
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